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5 Free Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

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If your social media marketing budget is nonexistent, but you’re still trying to succeed online, you’ll have to get creative. There are a million options across all of the networks when it comes to paid advertising, paying for views and paying for followers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still be successful. It just means that you need to consider the things that will help your business stand out and then focus your time and energy on them. These things will go a long way to putting you ahead of your competition and helping you to be visible to customers.

Using Canva to Create Facebook Ads

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Canva is an excellent, and free, graphic-design tool. It’s a great asset because it is easy to use and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. For social media marketers, it’s an amazing app that allows you to create great images for all of your different social media accounts within minutes. Canva already has pre-made templates that are the correct sizing for the different platforms. This takes a big chunk out of the work for you.

Social Media Marketing: Using Social Network Revamps

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With such a large variety of social media platforms in the market, it can be a tough job to keep up with all of the various updates, additions, changes, and redesigns that all of the different networks have going on. As a social media marketer, or just a business on social media, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for these changes and what they can mean for your business or strategy. 

Consistency is Key in Social Media Customer Service

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Handling customer service across social media channels is somewhat expected in this hyper connected time. Many customers are looking for instant feedback and response when they have an issue or a question. If your business is represented online, which is absolutely necessary in this day and age, then you have to have a customer service strategy in place as well.

Content Marketing: Organizing a Social Media Strategy

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When you’ve created new content through an article or other original work, only half of your job as a content marketer is actually done. You may have planned and then executed the writing of a great article, but there are a whole other set of steps to take next. Obviously a main goal of content marketing is to be seen. You are trying to provide current and relevant information to your readers and followers. The way that you promote the content you’ve created is just as important as the content itself. It’s essential to organize a social media strategy.

Social Media Marketing: Using Music Without Legal Issues

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Social media marketing is now all encompassing. Brands are using content, images, video, and music to market themselves to the best of their abilities. Although the internet can seem like a wide open free for all to some –there are more and more rules and regulations popping up. The relaxed environment of social media allows us to forget sometimes that we cannot use any content for any purpose at any time. Laws do apply to online marketing and marketers have to be careful to adhere to them.

Increase Social Media Marketing Productivity

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Social media isn’t slowing down any time soon. It’s up to marketers to keep up the pace and make sure that all of their bases are covered. The problem is that it’s easy to be swept up in the streams, platforms and never ending chatter. Here are a few tips to increase your productivity as a social media marketing manager.

Reviews and Testimonials in Your Marketing Plan

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Fresh and relative content is a benchmark in any effective social media marketing strategy.  Customer testimonials and reviews are perfect, custom made, marketing tools. Businesses have exploded on nothing more than reviews alone.  Look at sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.  Leaving a review can make or break a business.  So, as the business, how can you put testimonials and reviews to work for you?


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