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Integrating Your Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing Together

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Do you have a social media presence? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.? Do you also have a blog, newsletter, or email campaign of some sort? These should all tie in to each other! When you are promoting you, you need to be thorough. Make yourself overly available to your customers and clients. Do you want to lose business because someone couldn’t figure out how to connect with you on Facebook or how to get discounts that you might only give out with a newsletter subscription? I don’t think so. It’s incredibly important that you are accessible to your clients and customers and that you make being able to connect with you a no brainer to accomplish.

Reading Your Twitter Stats

The Sprocket Report

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Recently a client followed our advice and took a look at his Twitter analytics. Then he gave us a call. “I’m reading the report, but I have no idea what it’s telling me. Up arrows are good, right?” Yes, up arrows are good. But your stats can tell you so much more.

Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates to Distribute Your Content

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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The first step in having a successful social media marketing campaign is having great content to share with the masses. But, what comes next? Distributing your content! I’ve been using and doing research on some sponsored options and most recently have been looking into LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are a paid media option for sharing your messages with the right people. Is it something worth looking into? In my opinion, if you’re considering a business to business paid campaign option, I think it is. 

The Basics: Marketing on Instagram

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Let me start by saying –not every business needs to be on Instagram. I think we have a tendency nowadays, with all of these different social networks, to try to be everywhere, everyone, and everything. Instagram is slightly different than your average social media platform and, when used for marketing, it’s really used to show your business’ creativeness, humor, passion, etc. If you’re considering an Instagram account as a marketing tool for your business, ask yourself if your target audience is active on Instagram and, if so, have any of your competitors been successful with it? If so, then you should definitely jump in. There are a few basics that you should be sure to check on your list. Like any social platform used for marketing –you’ll have to take a step back and work out a plan, understand there is going to be some sort of testing and tracking phase, and expect a few kinks as you’re learning your way.

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