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Pinterest For Your Business - Best Applied Practices: Part 1

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Well folks, I've already jumped up on my soap box and screamed from the rafters to let you in on the many benefits of using a Pinterest business page.  You can find that in this post here.  Today, however, I'd like to help you put your plan into motion and let you know how exactly it is that you can make Pinterest work for your brand.  These steps are important so make sure you listen close and take notes.  Or just print/save this page.  That kind of makes more sense - and saves paper as well.

#HashtagsonFacebook: Dos and Don’ts

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Well it’s official, no matter how you feel about them –hashtags have now officially made their way onto the Facebook playing field.  They are fully interactive; not just a sad leftover symbol copied from a Twitter post.  What does this mean for your business?  Well, as we’ve seen on Twitter, hashtags can be totally beneficial when used properly and nothing but noise when used badly.  Surely there will be a few bumps along the way while all of Facebookland is learning this Twitterverse function.  When Facebook introduced Graph Search, it was a big deal.  Problem is –the reach of the graph search is limited to what is contained in people’s friend’s profiles.  Hashtags reach a whole new realm of customers.  You just have to have a common idea and viola! #InstantConnection

Happy Birthday!

Sprocket Websites Turns 3

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The Sprocket Websites team celebrates its third birthday in June. We've come a long way and look forward to continuing the upward trend. Working with small- to mid-sized businesses has been our forte, but we've also carved a niche for ourselves in getting government groups online. Compiling information and reaching citizens has never been easier than with today's web tools. Sprocket Websites has built a Digital Governance Team specifically to provide this service. Contact us today and we'll introduce you!

Your Social Media Site Does What?

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Hopefully by now you’re all wrapped up in the world of social media.  For those of you who aren’t using social media for your business, have just started using social media for your business, or are still trying to figure out how to best utilize each social media platform –this one is for you.

Got an Eight-Track-Equivalent Website?

The Sprocket Report

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This article has been updated on 8/21/2019 with the article entitled “4 Reasons You Need to Update Your Old Website"

So you plunked down hard-earned money to build a new website a few years ago. You figured you were making an investment in your business’s marketing strategy. Now they’re saying your site is no longer being “supported” and you need a new one. Is someone trying to pull a fast one?

Why We Should All [Myself Included] Consider A Pinterest Business Page

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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I’m no stranger to Pinterest.  This isn’t such a huge shocker to those who know me.  In fact, my husband would be rolling his eyes saying, “Are we talking about Pinterest, again?” He’s still bitter about the corn husk glue gun project.  My point here is this –Pinterest is big.  Huge even.  In fact, Pinterest produces four times the revenue-per-click as Twitter.  Do I have your attention yet?

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