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Monday, June 24, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about working with Sprocket Websites.


I want to talk about a new website.

We are happy to talk with you! Let’s get together for a brief conversation. You can give us an overview of what you want to accomplish with your new website and we can take a quick look at what you have now. There’s no charge or obligation, and after this first half hour, we‘ll know how we can work together.

What makes Sprocket Websites a good choice for my project?

You have a wealth of options for building your next website. Here are some factors that would ensure Sprocket is a good fit for you:

  • You are looking to get your new site launched without spending a lot of time reinventing the wheel.
  • You plan on growing and need a platform that will grow with you.
  • You want to put your website to work, handling a variety of functions.

Why would Sprocket Websites not be a good fit for me?

The functionality we offer is an investment in the future of your digital operations and if you are operating with a start-up budget, it might make more sense to choose another option right now. That said, it’s exciting to work with entrepreneurs and we offer some low-cost options to get you going while looking forward to future collaboration.

What do you use to build your websites?

Sprocket builds websites using DNN and WordPress which are both Content Management Systems (CMS)Using a CMS is like building a modern modular home. It appears to be a custom stick-built house when it’s all done, but it goes together within days rather than months. Like a modular home, the construction is mainly “off site.” You decide the functionality and look for your website. We assemble the modules that fulfill your needs. And you’re ready to go in less time and for less money than with custom-coded web design.

As part of the DNN community, we work with colleagues from all over to create new modules and modify those that are tried-and-true in order to provide customized solutions. The DNN platform lets us give clients the best website for their investment and we have been building DNN websites for more than a decade. DNN is a favorite of professionals who work with .NET.

WordPress websites are often requested because it's a well-known and popular platform, so several years ago we started building WordPress websites as well. We also help organizations with older WordPress sites upgrade to the latest version, increase security and review plug-in compatibility after updates.  

How do you work with me?

When you are ready to launch a website that has the look you want and and the functionality you need, we begin a three-step process:

  • Foundation
  • Construction
  • Promotion

What happens during the Foundation phase?

Using our initial conversation as an outline, we’ll work with you to think through the details of your website and decide on the best way to accomplish your objectives. We aim to provide you solid solutions that are personalized for your needs while still being good stewards of your resources. Calling on our extensive experience with the DNN platform, we will create a plan, choose the appropriate tools and present our proposal. On your approval, we will continue to the Construction phase.

What happens during the Construction phase?

Your website will be built and tested. The complexity of your site determines how long it will take. The DNN platform allows us to assemble a number of pre-built functions in a fraction of the time it takes to write custom code, but each website is a unique arrangement, not a template. Producing or moving content, uploading databases and creating extensive design elements will influence the amount of time needed for Construction.

What is the Promotion phase?

Websites are living entities that need to be maintained so that they continue to perform as intended. We can train you to use the Content Management System options to add content or you may choose to let our team handle updates.

Every website is equipped with basic elements for Search Engine Marketing such as Google Analytics, site map and appropriate meta tags, but you will want to analyze and improve your new site with fresh, quality content going forward.

We also strongly suggest you support your site by increasing your digital presence through social media, online directory listings and other forms of internet marketing. If you choose, our Digital Marketing team offers several levels of service.

That’s the website I want but can you work with my budget?

One of the advantages of the DNN modular system is that you can add new functionality over time and even change the look of your website completely. We could build you a simple, limited function website with DNN for the short term. As your cashflow improves, we can work with you to build on that framework and give you the website you want. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What can you offer me for my really limited budget?

We offer a Website Builder that is a Do-It-Yourself option to create your own starter site for just a few dollars a month. WordPress website hosting is also available. You are welcome to use these DIY options until you’re ready for a fully functional DNN website.


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