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Friday, July 19, 2024

WP (WordPress) Websites by Sprocket

WP (WordPress) Websites

WordPress (WP)Everyone’s heard about WordPress and many businesses built their first site in WP. But when you have big ideas for your website, the WordPress platform can get a little complicated. Save yourself the dreaded learning curve and let us take care of things.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress has been so widely adopted that there are constantly new themes and plug-ins being released which provide you with a wealth of website options. Every-day tasks like posting news articles or calendar events is simple for anyone with just basic computer experience and changing the look of your site can be as easy as swapping on theme out for another. Search Engine Optimization best practices are also built into the WP platform for a SEO solid foundation.

Avoid frustration

There are a whole lot of WP themes to choose from when building a new website, but not every theme provides the same functionality. Instead of wading through all of them on your own to find the right one, our experts work with you to decide what you want to do online and then select a WordPress theme that fulfills your needs.

Update and upgrade

While the WordPress platform continually updates for security reasons, themes and plug-ins require an extra step to stay current. One morning you may wake up to find your website is “broken” because all the pieces are no longer working together correctly. Just give us a call – we’re your go-to expert to update your site and make it whole again.

And if you’re thinking of upgrading the functionality or look of your site, we can take care of that, too. Tell us your ideas and we’ll create a WP website that looks and acts new, but stays the same “behind the scenes” so you don’t have to learn a new platform for posting content.

Are you an entrepreneur with big ideas but little budget? Maybe an online business website builder is the perfect tool you need today. 

Not every small business owner or not-for-proft manager is ready to hire a web developer right away, so to move your project forward we created our Sprocket Store where you can buy your own domain name, build your own site and set up your own website hosting and email service.

Explore all the DIY options at the Sprocket Store and choose just the components you need. We offer several plans to create WordPress websites of all sizes, as well as shopping carts,  SSL certificates and other supporting web products. You'll find a super Help Center online and phone support if you get stuck. 

Also, if you have already built a WordPress website somewhere else, you are welcome to migrate your site to the Sprocket Store and become part of our family! We're proud supporters of "buy local" ourselves and we encourage you get the peace of mind that comes from working with a face from your own community.

This "do-it-yourself" option is part of Sprocket's services because we want to see you get launched now and on your way to success. Once you're too busy doing what YOU do best, we hope you will let us take over your web tasks, which is what WE do best.  

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