Email Marketing Campaigns by Sprocket
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Monday, June 24, 2024

Email Marketing Campaigns by Sprocket

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketingEveryone gripes about their inbox full of spam, but the fact is:  Email campaigns work. It’s a customized connection to your prospective customer. The Direct Marketing Association estimates the ROI of email marketing at more than 4,000 percent. Email should be one of the arrows in your marketing quiver.

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Write once – publish twice. Get your latest blog entry or newest article to your readers without any extra effort by linking the post on your website with your email campaign. Whether you set your campaign to go out every day or once a week, it will feature the most recent post.

Set up a newsletter campaign

View Our Marketing PackagesGive us your news and information and we can create an email campaign to keep in touch with your customers. Let them know what the Tuesday specials are or who will be appearing at your next event in short, frequent emails. Or we can help you provide in-depth material once a month or once a quarter.


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