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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Internet Marketing Packages

Content Creation, Social Engagement, Email Campaigns


The Internet is a big place! But you really only need to focus on:

The Sprocket Team has been active since the web began.
We're at home here.  Why not take advantage of that?

We Are Prolific

How many other firms can boast a newsletter every other week since 2003? That’s about 15 years, and in Internet years, that’s virtually a lifetime! Our award-winning writers are highly skilled at crafting content for you. We take the information you supply - your business mission, your features and benefits, your promotion calendar, your customer successes - and transform it into web-speak that captures attention and drives conversions.

We Are Seasoned

We’ve been building websites since the web began. From the building blocks of HTML, Javascript, .NET and jQuery up through Content Management Systems and Social Media Platforms, we’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirts, lots of t-shirts! So we know how to code, how to post, how to properly format links and maximize your marketing dollars from a technological perspective.

We Are Fellow
Business People

Sprocket understands ROI, and we work hard to ensure that your investment in us results in a good return for you. That means we’re partners, together all the way. Weekly emails, phone calls, analytical reports and reviews are integral to our Internet Marketing process. Good communication between us ensures great communication on the social platforms.

Our Internet Marketing services turn surfers into visitors and visitors into customers.



  • Content Created
    1 article, 4 posts / mo
  • Social Engagement
    3 curated, 6 posts, 1 engage / wk
  • Email Campaign
  • Plan/Review/Report
    1/mo / 0 / auto
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  • Content Created
    2 articles, 8 posts / mo
  • Social Engagement
    5 curated, 10 posts, 3 engage / wk
  • Email Campaign
  • Plan/Review/Report
    2/mo / 0 / custom
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  • Content Created
    1 article, 5 posts / wk
  • Social Engagement
    8 curated, 16 posts, 3 engage / wk
  • Email Campaign
  • Plan/Review/Report
    1/wk / 2/yr / custom
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  • Content Created
    2 articles, 12 posts / wk
  • Social Engagement
    12 curated, 36 posts, 10 engage / wk
  • Email Campaign
  • Plan/Review/Report
    2/wk / 1/mo / custom
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Content Creation

means writing articles for you. Those articles are best placed on your website and then promoted via social media and email campaigns. This effort brings people who are surfing the wider web to your website where they will see your content and, with luck, be moved to act. At the very least, the surfer grows more familiar your website and its message, moving along the "Know-Like-Trust" path toward action.

Social Engagement

means curating content that is elsewhere on the web (news, trade associations, industry sites, etc.) and of potential interest to people who might want your services. Our team hunts for such content, then references it within your social feeds. It's the electronic equivalent of bringing up the latest news at a networking function. Those that read it also see that it was you who mentioned it, showing your alertness and expertise in your industry. Ultimately, someone comments on such postings and we'll engage with them on your behalf. Alternatively, a prospect or customer initiates a message and we will engage on those types of posts as well.

Email Campaigns

mean sending an email to a gathered list of contacts. The list begins with your current contacts and grows over time. The email itself is created by our team from the original material we write for you (from the Content Creation service) and/or the curated content we found in the Social Engagement service, and/or from content you provide. We'll format it for best delivery via email. Email campaigns require an email service to properly deliver bulk messaging. We use MailChimp. If you already have another service such as Constant Contact or Aweber, we can work with that tool. Depending on what you want accomplished, if the tool you have cannot do what you want, we'll switch tools. Additional fees may incur in this case, but we strive to be as efficient as possible and good stewards of your investment.


means we stay in touch with you all along the way. You are a vital part of this partnership. It's your business, your style, your expertise and we must become attuned to that over time. From the onset, your input is critical so we learn from you what news and information you want your prospect to see. Plus, being business-minded ourselves, we know you'll want to be reassured that we're providing a valuable service so we report back regularly.


The pricing chart gives an indication of the quantity and frequency of our efforts on your behalf depending on which level of service you choose.  The more effort we put forth, the better return you should see.


So how do we get started? It's simple.

Call or email us so we know you're interested. We'll discuss your business needs and a package that makes sense to you. Pay by the month with a simple, automatic recurring charge. We'll assign a skilled and experienced Internet Marketing Manager to be your single point of contact. He or She will learn about your business, set up your social media profiles based on your needs and your package and begin working for you on attracting new visitors and turning them into customers. S/he will send you a monthly report to show activity and results and will begin planning the next week or month. Stop anytime - there are no long-term contracts.

Business is tough enough without having to navigate the constant changes happening online. Add Sprocket to your marketing mix and leave the technical details to us.




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