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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Making Payments - Terms and Conditions

On long projects, unless specified as part of a contract, we invoice every two weeks for the time spent on the project during the past two weeks. We expect payment within 30 days. After 30 days, we assess a late payment penalty of 3% of the balance. Please notify us if there are extenuating circumstances so we can make work and payment arrangements with you.

On new website projects expected to last under two months and quoted at over $2000, we typically request 30% down, 50% when the website is approved, and the balance after domain names are assigned, SSL certificates and email and other domain-based functions are proven operational.

On hosting and other ongoing services, we charge ahead one month. Payment is due on the 1st day that the service is to be performed, be it hosting or social media management or any other consulting services.  The next payment is due on that day of the next month. Example: hosting beings on January 12, so hosting payment is due on January 12 and then on the 12th of each month thereafter.

Recurring Payments Made Easy

We will invoice you each month for the service to be performed that month. Payment is due immediately. You can pay it online by following the payment link in the email containing the invoice. 

One simple way to save you time is to fill out our Authorization Form with a credit card or checking account number, then we will make a charge or draw each month on the renewal date for you.

Buy Blocks of Hours

For quick tasks like diagnosing a problem on your website or adding a simple function, we only need an hour or a few to do the work, so for those tasks we ask you to buy that time up-front. 

We'll give you an estimate ("that'll only take an hour") and direct you to where you select the # of hours and make the payment. Once processed, we can schedule and perform the work.




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