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Monday, May 20, 2024

Custom Application Development by Sprocket

Custom Application Development

Custom code and applicationAt Sprocket Websites, we build all kinds of web-based products for people.

Do you have an idea for an app, product or process for your own use or to promote and sell? We can help you turn your idea into a finished product. We have developers fluent in Microsoft .Net languages, Apple iOS and Google Android to get your project off the ground.

With over forty years in the software design business we have the knowledge to help you flesh out your original idea and the resources to transform your idea into reality.


If there are any projects on your plate or any issue you’re trying to solve, and you’re thinking “maybe this can be done online," then you're thinking Web Application! Please let us know and we’ll offer whatever suggestions we can!

An Example of a Web Application

Citizens of the fastest growing county in Illinois visit one of the four county clerk offices to obtain their marriage license, and recently, civil union licenses and same-sex licenses were added to the county offering.

When the clerk's office decided to move from a mainframe solution, they looked to Sprocket Websites for advise.

We described to them a system that would run on a website, yet would be secure so only their staff could access it, and employ the latest database technology, yet would be backward-compatible with their printing system.

The foundation for this system was a website built on DotNetNuke, the most popular website development framework on the Windows Operating System. DotNetNuke (DNN for short) is modular, and all functionality, like text blocks, photo galleries, shopping carts, etc, is provided by modules.

So Sprocket developed a module for collecting, storing and printing marriage licenses. Now clerks in four different offices access the same website, add marriage licenses into the system simultaneously, and based on where they are, the system automatically routes the printed license, consent, or certificate forms back to the right office.

Because it's modular, we were able to make a copy of the module with only a few revision to supply the same system for recording and printing civil union licenses, with a very short turn-around time.

Another Example - A Mobile App

Professor Kenneth Bretl from College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, Illinois wrote a book called Respiratory Care Lexicon, published by College of DuPage Press, intended for respiratory therapy students as well as practicing therapists as a glossary of terms.

With today's information at your fingertips, publisher Joseph Barillari considered ways to publish these terms in a mobile form. For answers, he came to long-time consultant Sprocket Websites, who brainstormed delivery mechanisms and even branding.

We suggested an iPhone app for quick and convenient lookup of the terms. We even came up with a catchy new name: Respirapedia, for Respiratory Encyclopedia; and created a logo for the new app.

We developed the app and distribute it under the Apple iTunes App Store.

Of course, once the app was well-received on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, the school wanted it on the Android platform. So Sprocket Websites went back to work, porting the development effort to the new Operating System.

To complete the development trilogy, the glossary is available by subscribing to a website, and terms can be looked up online.

The glossary engine is very powerful and can easily be applied to other sets of terms, whether medical in nature or not.

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