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Managing Your Online Reputation

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Celebrities hire publicists to manage their reputations by enhancing the celebrity’s best traits, downplaying the less attractive ones and monitoring what people are talking about. Your business has an online reputation like any celebrity. But who’s managing it?

Handling Stress in the Workplace

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Listen, we've all been there.  Running around like a crazy person putting out fire after fire, hopping from one project to the next, and spreading ourselves way too thin to feel like we're actually accomplishing any task successfully from start to finish.  If every day is turning into a crisis in the workplace, you've got to take a step back and re-evaluate.  It's time to take a look around and see what you can tweak, adjust, cut out, start doing differently, etc. to turn your hours of work chaos into meaningful time spent that doesn't leave you wiped.

Honestly, Your Website Needs Updating

The Sprocket Report

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Jim Kendall, business columnist for The Daily Herald, related a too-common story in his post yesterday. He went to the website listed on a business card he received and found an out-of-date copyright, stale blog “news” and a phone number that didn’t work. “Is this business alive?” Kendall wondered. What does the look of your website say about your organization?

Conducting Business in Crisis Situations

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On the 12th anniversary 9/11, I am reminded of the importance of compassion, respect, and validation not just from the every day Joe putting information out into the world, but also from the businesses, brands, etc. who are involved socially on the internet. Because there are times, both in life and in business, when we as people have to take a step back and assess the situation in front of us. We have to be cautious of our approach to sensitive situations and we have to remember that, although we are speaking through a brand, we are still speaking to other human beings during a very sensitive time.

Sprocket Nominated for Innovation Award

But Our Clients Are the Real Winners

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Sprocket Websites is proud to announce that we have been nominated for a 2013 Chicago Innovation Award in the category of website design and development. Sprocket's unique use of of-the-shelf technology and creative flair empowers businesses, not-for-profit organizations and governmental departments to do great things online while being good stewards of their budgets.

Celebrate Labor-Saving Day

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Labor Day advertising always seems to feature some burly guy or gal wielding a massive wrench or mallet. Certainly physical labor is hard work, but those of us who wield keyboards and spread sheets work pretty darn hard as well. Even wrenches have been improved to make the job easier, so why not use technology to make your job easier, too?

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