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What is the content marketing funnel?

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The content marketing funnel helps you to map your content to your customer’s journey. Just as they have different goals and problems at different points in their journey, so too should your content (have different goals, that is, not problems).

Squarespace's Fluid Engine Makes No-Code Web Creation Even Easier

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The same way Squarespace allowed first-time web builders to drag and drop visually compelling pages together, Fluid Engine is taking it to the next level. Using a smart grid format, the system offers basic design guidance while enabling builders to push their creative boundaries.

11 Ways to Brand Yourself as a Speaker

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To position yourself as a dominant force in your industry and advance your career/business, branding yourself as a speaker is a profitable growth strategy. Here are some tips to get started.

6 Ways to Speed Up a Long Sales Cycle (+Examples)

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Along with real estate and automotive, there are a plethora of other industries known for their longer sales cycles, such as most industries within the B2B space, software, consulting services, insurance, finance, and the list goes on. Basically, anything that costs a heavy penny and/or has a contract tied to it typically falls into the longer sales cycle category.


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