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Baby Steps Website Resolutions

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You know how it happens – you make grand plans on New Year’s Eve to completely overhaul your health, your house, your business. You start out strong but by February, you’re losing steam and by March your grand plans are merely guilty memories.

Improving your website is a goal that will pay you back nicely this year, so don’t sabotage your efforts by biting off more than you can chew. Taking these baby steps towards improvement means you might actually accomplish your goals –encouraging you to take a few more!

SEO First Steps for the Common Man

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This article was updated on 3/13/2019 with the article entitled "Getting Started with Do-It-Yourself SEO."

Before you sign up with that Search Engine Optimization company that keeps calling  you, check to see if  you've taken these 5 simple first step. Easy to do on your own, it may give you the boost you’re looking for right now. You can always amp up your SEO with advanced professional services later.

SQL Server 2005 Database Log File

Microsoft SQL Server

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At 11:00pm last night I was notified that one of my servers was having a problem. I run a couple of site monitoring tools and Simon was the one that picked up the problem first. I got online and started a remote desktop session to the server and it connected, which normally when one of my servers isn’t running properly a RDC will fail. However, it connected and presented me with the “I’ve just had an unexpected reboot problem screen” and wanted me to tell it what happened. Well at this point I had no idea and thought about the irony of that particular screen as I filled in “unknown” into the restart reason box.

SEO for the Common Man

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This article was updated on 3/6/2019 with the article entitled "Getting Started with Do-It-Yourself SEO."

Paying for Search Engine Optimization?
Getting what you paid for?
Wishing you could afford SEO?
Trying to do it yourself?

Or are you just ignoring the whole SEO discussion entirely?

Read on for a few simple tips that help you figure out what you have, what you need and how to make it happen.

Back at the home office today! @SprocketWebsite

Last stop of the World-Wind tour 2011

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Susan and I get back to the Home Offices of Sprocket Websites every couple of months. We have been on a whirlwind tour of the country the last couple of weeks. Orlando, Phoenix, Chicago… However, it looks like it is going to slow down a bit in December, but November isn’t over just yet and I’ve got a couple of road trips coming up so I’ll keep you posted.

#ASCPAM11 – American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Annual Meeting 2011


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Susan and I attend this event over the last several days in Phoenix, AZ. This was a professional conference for Susan, but for me it was a research exercise to check out the happenings in the pharmacy industry.

I checked out the exhibit hall to see what was going on. There were lots of drug manufactures, companies that produce pill counting machines and blister packs.M/p>

From #DNNWorld to #ASCPAM11 - Observations about business

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Annual Meeting 2011

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So going from DotNetNuke World 2011 #DNNWorld in Orlando Florida to the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Annual Meeting 2011 #ASCPAM11 is quite a difference experience indeed. I’m here this year at #ASCP to check out the exhibitors, study marketing trends, and get a feel for what is happening in the world of consulting pharmacists. Susan is here with me at this show as it is really a professional conference for her. Be sure to check back here for more information on how/why Sprocket is interested in the wonderful world of pharmacy.

Ok, so here is a quick tip to small business owners who own customer-facing businesses.

#DNNWorld: Happiest Place on Techie Earth

A Report on the DNN Conference

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Jim and Don represented Sprocket Websites at the DotNetNuke World Conference in Orlando last week. Immersed in Everything DNN, they were like a couple of kids at a Disney park!

While they both did some tweeting and blogging during the conference, now that they've come down from the mountain-top experience and are back in the office, Jim and Don discussed what this first all-DNN conference was like.

A Good #DNNWorld Was Had By All!

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Well, at least by me. I learned a great deal at DNN World and am very happy to have gone. Plus, where else would you hear the trends and the scoops about DNN, Microsoft, Internet and mobile technology than at a technical conference?

#DNNWorld Conference Day 2 - Wrap Up

DNNWorld 2011

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Day Two of DotNetNuke World 2011 Convention is now in the books. There were two keynote addresses today, which I thought was a bit odd calling them keynote addresses as there was one already at the beginning of the show as where the key note is supposed to be. These could have been called special speaker sessions or guest speaker or something other than Key Note.


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