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Be Connected

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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This article has been updated on 7/10/2019 with the article entitled "Why Mom and Pop Shops Should be Marketing in the Digital World"

Most people who are reading this post are doing several other things at once.  You’re checking your email, you’re surfing the web, you might actually be getting a bit of work done.  You are connected.  This article goes out to all outside of this virtual world, each person who might be a little less than connected.

To DIY or not to DIY...That is one of several questions.

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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The wonderful world of websites is a lot of things, ‘impossible’ is not one of them.  So, you’re in the market for a website and you’re not sure what route to take?  Well, that’s no cause for panic.  A totally personalized from the ground up, fits like you wish your favorite jeans would fit, brimming with all the bells and whistles kind of site might be what you’re dreaming of, but not necessarily what your dusty wallet can afford.  First off, that’s OK.  Your business is not going to end.  You can unpack the getaway car, there’s no need to run.  You can DIY.  I repeat, you can DIY.

Henry County Energizes their Web Presence

Content Management Contains Costs

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Henry County, Illinois may be known for the recent wind energy project within their boundaries, but staffers are producing their own “cloud energy” with help from Sprocket Websites.
Committed to getting government communications and resources into the hands of their constituents, Henry County stores information “in the cloud” for both citizens and staff to access at www.henrycty.com.

Elegante Salons Celebrate with New Website

Transforming with a New Skin

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While Elegante Salons and Day Spas recently enjoyed congratulations for 40 years in business, Kay Smith and her husband Dale are already looking forward to the future by launching a new look for their website at www.elegantesalons-spas.com. The Smiths have long worked with Naperville web developers Sprocket Website who were delighted to create a fresh new look and functionality for Elegante.


DIY Sprocket Solutions

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This article has been updated on 5/15/2019 with the article entitled "NetWORKing: The Most Powerful Business Tool"

Networking is work, let’s face it.  If you’re new to the game, you’re walking into a room full of strangers and trying to sell your business.  In reality, you’re trying to sell yourself.  You are the face of what you’re representing.  Therefore, you’ve got to network confidently and often.  It’s OK, wipe off your sweaty palms and listen in.  The first time I went to a networking event I was more than slightly terrified.  I’m not a shy person by any means; so, I can only imagine what it would be like if I were.  I felt a small victory every time I exchanged a business card.  My total count for the end of the night?  About 6.  Laugh away, but I felt a rush of confidence after that event.  I think the idea of walking into a room full of people you don’t know and having to approach each one of them is more than a little unnerving.  One thing that I don’t doubt, however, is that networking is invaluable.  It is an amazing tool for small businesses to meet the community, find other businesses who might be able to use their services, and make their name recognizable.  Word of mouth and a face to a name is a powerful tool in the business world; connections often prove priceless.   So, I say to you –chin up, head high, gather your wits, and say hello.

Sweet Deals

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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With Black Friday coming up the day after tomorrow and Cyber Monday just around the corner, I thought I’d let you all in on a sweet little deal I like to call Merchant Warehouse.  Before starting on my Sprocket journey, I had no clue who Merchant Warehouse was or why it was super important to have such a great company for payment processing.  Now I realize it makes all the difference in the world.  Forget, for a second, about the loads of other benefits MW offers –let’s skip to the obvious benefit, they guarantee that they will save you money.   Literally, if they can’t save you money by switching to them, they will give you $100 for your time.  I’d be hard pressed to find a company that works that hard to make sure that the customer is happy.  One thing that I’ve found when dealing with them, they care if the customer is happy.

Facebook Frenzy

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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This article has been updated on 4/18/2019 with the article entitled "Beginners Guide to Facebook Marketing: Using Facebook to Benefit Your Business"

With over one billion users, Facebook is by far the top social media network.  There’s no point, really, in me rambling on about why Facebook can be a great tapped resource to your business – with one billion users, it speaks for itself.  There may be, however, a few ways to use Facebook for your business that you might not have considered before.  If you’re new to Facebook, these are a few tips for your business marketing that you might not yet know about.  If I put my little disclaimer stamp on this post it would read, “Note: I’m still navigating my way around the deep Facebook waters myself.  These are a few tips I’m looking into now and hoping that they might bring me a little more success.”

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