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It's Past Time to Get the Fax Outa Here!

Two GovTech Today articles echo what we've said for years

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Two different articles from GovTech Today caught my eye, and that's tough to do since I get a couple hundred emails a day! Filling out a paper form and faxing it to a company or government office is still a thing! It's bad for business, deteriorates trust, and we're so beyond that. Here's how to join the 2020's...

11 Sales Techniques to Help Grow Your Small Business

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To help small business owners create sales techniques to grow their business, we asked small business owners and business leaders for their best insights. From leveraging automation for tasks to curating a virtual event, there are several approaches that may help you build and grow your small business for years to come.  

Does Public Speaking Make You Nervous? Here Are 10 Secrets to Help You Pull It Off Like a Pro.

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I started my public-speaking career as a nervous introvert with absolutely no prior experience. My first live presentation was on a Disney Cruise ship in a theater that held 800 guests (and one panic-stricken presenter). I vividly recall trying to convince other crew members to push me down the steps because I was sure that if I had a broken leg or twisted ankle, they couldn't make me do it. In hindsight, I can see how silly that was.

They would definitely have still made me do it.

New Report Shows that Facebook and YouTube Lead the Way as Key Sources of News Content

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News consumption on social media has become a key point of emphasis over the past decade, with accusations that social platforms are causing increased division and angst through sharing and engagement, while activist groups look to boost misinformation and fake news via the same, as a means to skew the agenda in their own desired direction.

New Report Looks at Influencer Payment Expectations Based on Audience Size and Platform

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What should you expect to pay an influencer for an Instagram or TikTok post promoting your product? There can be significant variance in what each individual creator may charge, but to provide some more context for your planning, influencer connection platform Intellifluence recently conducted a survey of 1,249 influencers from the US, Canada and the UK, in order to glean more insight into their individual compensation expectations, which could help in your planning.

The Psychology of Social Media

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At its very core, marketing is psychological. Whereas advertising and selling implement techniques to get people to give you cash for your products/services. Marketing has little to do with getting consumers to purchase from you and more to do with developing an interest and cultivate a demand for the products and services you offer.


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