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Which Social Network is Best for Your Business?
Breanne Bannon
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Which Social Network is Best for Your Business?

DIY Sprocket Solutions

At this point, many businesses have taken the initiative to put themselves out there.  Businesses are reaching their customers like never before through websites, blogs, newsletters, and social media.  With what seems like 30 new social media platforms a minute, it can be difficult to decide which network is worth putting a big chunk of your time into and which might not need as close of an eye on it.

First, what type of business do you have?  Retail? Consulting services? Restaurant?

Next, who are your customers?  What age group and demographic are you looking for?

Last, what are you trying to accomplish with social media?  Are you trying to sell something directly online?  Are you just hoping to make connections and network?  Are you trying to introduce specials, coupons, etc. to encourage buying?

Once you've answered these questions, you can break down which are the best social networks to use as the forefront of your social media marketing campaign.  I'll run down the top social media platforms out there right there and what sorts of businesses usually find a lot of success with them.


Selling a product? Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.  All day and all night.  Pinterest is huge for retailers.  It's simple really.  People are browsing, they see something they like, and BOOM -click to buy.  This platform is overwhelmingly female populated.  So if you're selling a product a woman would buy (either for herself or someone else), you should absolutely be pinning your products and linking them back to your page.  This platform is NOT for everyone.  If you fit in the specific niche though, then you're golden.  Fashion, jewelry, photographers, home decor, party supplies, etc. etc. etc.  If you are selling a "I can physically touch it" product, Pinterest is well worth a look.  More than that, it's probably worth advertising dollars as well.


Facebook is still far and beyond the most popular social network out there.  I can tell you that while not every business is going to get significant and instant ROI through Facebook, it is still necessary to be on Facebook.  In my opinion, every business should have a Facebook page.  If you have the most basic and minimal online presence, make sure that you have a great website and a beefed up Facebook page.  So, which businesses should be on Facebook?  All of them.  Every single one.


Twitter is one of those platforms that some businesses are afraid of, but they really shouldn't be.  Twitter is a place where people follow brands, celebrities, and businesses just as quickly as they do their own friends.  I think that as far as which companies should be on Twitter -marketing companies, news organizations and outlets, sports businesses, large brands, etc.  Twitter is in the moment news.  Whether it be people checking for news or people complaining about their plane ride, Twitter is a place for people to connect instantly.


The key for Instagram is age demographic.  Users are age 18-29 and if your target is users in that age range, you should also be on Instagram.  The key is to at least have a presence.  Even if you don't have products to push, you can still post pictures of happenings in your business.  This can include: holiday parties, new locations, company photos, funny pictures, current events, etc.


LinkedIn is a different type of platform in that users aren't logging in every day.  LinkedIn is all about making business connections.  They've expanded to include a publishing platform as well.  I would recommend this social platform to professionals as individuals.  For example: Marketers, bloggers, journalists, real estate agents, designers, small business owners, etc.


Google+ is huge for content sharing.  The top three brands on Google+ are Android, Mashable and Chrome right now.  Tech companies, engineering companies, marketing companies, etc. will do well sharing on Google+.  Since it is a content sharing platform though, anyone with an article to share will do well to make connections on Google+.

Which social platforms is your business on currently?  Which do you think are most beneficial to your business and which do you think you may be wasting your time on?  Comment below!

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Breanne Bannon

Breanne BannonBreanne Bannon

Breanne is a Content Writer, Social Media Marketeer, and Sales Associate for Sprocket Websites.

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