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When in Rome, er, #DNNWorld

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Originally published 11/9 8:27a. Updated 9:30p. : When I was 12, my folks took me out of school in January and we drove from cold Chicago to warm Orlando to visit the newly opened Disney World (it was just Magic Kingdom back then). We stopped our day's driving just inside Florida's northern border, and I asked for a motel with a swimming pool. It was the outdoor type and it was 55 degrees out in Lake City, but hey, it was Florida, and well, "When in Rome...". Now fast forward 40 years.

Possible Development Business Forming at #DNNWorld

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The conference hasn't started, and already we've had very good talks with Arrow Consulting, Creativa Consultants, and the Spiffy Web Team. We're looking for .Net developers for two big projects, and of course we thought of our friends and colleagues in the #DNNWorld, since they are some of the best .Net developers.

Kicking off #DNNWorld

DNNWorld 2011

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I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to point to the excellent graphics & artwork around the show that I noticed today. When Don and I were part of the team that put on the Day of DotNetNuke in Chicago last year, we know first hand all the moving parts that have to be completed and then double checked to ensure that everything is just perfect when everyone arrives. Graphics & artwork are important and when done right go mostly unnoticed, when done wrong they stand out like a sore thumb. This years graphics & artwork look great and should be recognized. Here are a few great examples that I took today.

Travel to #DNNWorld

DNNWorld 2011

James Nagy 0 2381 Article rating: No rating

A couple of months ago Don and I were making our travel arrangements to get to #DNNWorld in Orlando, FL. Since he is in Chicago and I am in Bakersfield it takes a bit of coordinating to get a travel schedule in sync. For me it was a rather normal day of travel steps to get to Orlando. I hopped a USAirways plane in Bakersfield heading to Phoenix and then after a short layover...

Wooing Web-Savvy Shoppers

Kate Gingold 0 2631 Article rating: No rating

This article has been updated on 11/13/2019 with the article entitled “Prep Your Website Now for Holiday Shopping."

Yes, the Christmas displays at the mall were set up already weeks ago, but now that Halloween is officially behind us the holiday shopping season begins in earnest.

The Internet can help your business rack up new sales. And it can rob you of sales, too. Are you doing what you can to attract new customers while keeping the old?

Website Horror Stories

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In honor of the Halloween season, we'd like to share some terrifying tales that happened to some perfectly ordinary business owners before they became our clients. Like any good horror story, the scariest part is that you've heard about frightening events like these happening to people you know. In fact, these horrible things could happen to you!

So turn down the brightness button on your monitor, huddle up with your marketing manager, and prepare to be terrified!

Who Likes Turning Away Clients?

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This article has been updated on 4/03/2019 with the article entitled “Offering Affordable Websites Today for Tomorrow’s Clients.”

We, and many of our friends, were once fledgling entrepreneurs with huge dreams and teeny-tiny budgets. In those early days we shopped for price and bartered for services so we really empathize with the struggling start-up who comes to us asking for website assistance.

But the correct business decision would be to turn these folks away and we just couldn’t. We had to find a way to help.

Struggles with a Hard Drive failure - 2011

Why a good backup strategy is important.

James Nagy 0 5406 Article rating: No rating

I would like to think that I run a fairly well organized reliable configuration for my main production machine and for the last four years things have been mostly stable.  Sure I had a blow out of my video card a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t really worried about my data then.  I run a nice Mac Pro configuration that I have updated over the years.  A 240Gb SSD boot drive that makes things nice and quick.  A 1Tb main hard drive that just held my user folder and a 250Gb time machine disk that kept my important stuff backed up.  I am a Dropbox user so all of my documents are really stored in the cloud and I use IMAP email so they are stored in the cloud as well.  Yea cloud…

So there it was the dreaded spinning beach ball…

This Is Social Media Week!

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Not just one of those made-up-for-marketing-purposes "holidays," Social Media Week is a biannual, world-wide event for everyone from beginners to experts.

Take a look at what’s scheduled here in Chicago, or see what’s happening in more than a dozen cities around the globe.  You can even listen to educational sessions live from the comfort of your own desk throughout the week.

Events like this get you educated, energized and empowered! But then next week comes and you start questioning: Is social media really worth my effort?

The Case for Digital Sharecropping

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Attributed to Nicholas Carr five years ago, the term "digital sharecropping" has once again been a topic of discussion in recent weeks. Seems sort of appropriate since this year is the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, a time in our history when sharecropping was most prevalent.

Comparing sharecroppers of the 1860's to digital sharecroppers of today is an interesting exercise with some conclusions that may surprise you.


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