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Tips for Writing a Great Blog for Your Site
Breanne Bannon
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Tips for Writing a Great Blog for Your Site

DIY Sprocket Solutions

This article has been updated on 10/26/2021 with the article entitled 9 Easy-But-Important Tips for Writing the Best Blog Posts.” 

We've been talking lately about how hot content marketing is right now.  It's extremely important nowadays to have strong, original content linking back to your brand and your website.  People are looking for information -why not let your company be the one who supplies it?  While the idea of content marketing might be a simple one; actually executing original content is another matter altogether.  My advice is to either hire someone to write your posts for you (we actually offer that service... for the record...) or teach yourself the tips for writing a great blog on your website.

Here are a few tips I'd like to share with you.  I know, I know... you're welcome:

  1. Figure out your audience.  You're going to need to know who you're talking to, how they want to be talked to, and what sort of content they're searching for.
  2. Stick to the topic.  It's easy to get sidetracked when you have a blog.  Make sure that you outline the topics you want to cover (that are relevant to the audience you're trying to reach).  Tangents are for personal blogs and diaries -not your business site.
  3. Use visuals. I know -it's a blog and that should mean writing.  But, people are extremely visual so make sure that you are using visuals to your advantage.  This includes putting your advertisements in your posts.  Why not take advantage of the increased traffic?
  4. Give the people what they want.  Find out what's trending in your circles and write about that.  This can also apply to your own business.  You might find additional services or products that you can be offering to your clients or customers.
  5. Post regularly.  It's great to have a blog or newsletter.  It's great to post.  But, if you're posting once a week... then once every ten days... then on full moons and rainy days -you've lost your reliability.  You can't be a "go to" source if you're outdated.  Figure out a posting schedule and try your hardest to stick to it.
  6. Update your content.  You may need to go back from time to time and edit your previous content.  Add links to past articles if you've created a series, add updates to outdated articles that you find people are still reading, and if you made an incorrect statement or error that you realize -go back and fix it.
  7. Proofread, rinse, and repeat.  You don't want to distract your reading with typos.  Everyone makes mistakes and it's easy to overlook little errors.  It's also quick to fix them -so make sure you do so.
  8. Respond to readers.  Don't feed the trolls, but make sure that questions/comments/concerns are responded to in a timely manner.  Don't leave your readers hanging.

I'm obviously a huge fan of having fresh and original content on your site -just make sure you're doing it correctly.  Does anyone else have a blog on their business site that they'd like to share tips about?  Feel free to comment below!

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Breanne Bannon

Breanne BannonBreanne Bannon

Breanne is a Content Writer, Social Media Marketeer, and Sales Associate for Sprocket Websites.

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3 comments on article "Tips for Writing a Great Blog for Your Site"

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dean moyer

searching for help. need small straightforward website. People in my field are most successful with a 1-2 blog per week. can you help with both?

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Breanne Bannon

Definitely, feel free to email me at

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