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DNN Social - Introduction
James Nagy
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DNN Social - Introduction

New DotNetNuke Module - DNN Social

I attended today’s DotNetNuke Webinar on Nebula – now known as DNN Social. We first learned about this exciting product at DNNWorld 2012 so we kind of knew that it was coming. Well, today it was announced and what a great product announcement it was! Navin Nagiah – CEO, and Will Morgenweck – Director Product Management, from DotNetNuke Corporation gave the presentation via Webinar today.

"Every day Internet users share 4 billion items on Facebook, 200 million items on Twitter and 1 billion items on Google+. Social has become a fundamental aspect of Internet life with over 90% of online adults using the social web daily."

DotNetNuke Social is for the business or organization that wants or needs to create a community on their website. This concept provides for powerful brand building through engagement, personalization, and extending a sense of ownership to the consumer. These tightly integrated tools provide the groundwork for creating an engaging social community for consuming content, exchanging ideas, getting answers and interacting with others in the community.

Why is this tool different for other tools already in the market? First, it allows for social interaction right within your website, not on another website or in another place.

Navin describes this as going to the store, but not being allowed to talk to anyone there. If you have questions you have to leave the store and go to another building to ask your questions and get answers. When you are ready you can return to the buying building and purchase your item.

He is right, this is a total disconnect and it doesn’t occur in the real world, so why do we allow it to happen in the virtual world of the Internet. The second differentiator is the pricing model. To get these types of features and functionality from some existing solutions providers, you pay for each person that visits your website. That is like paying your landlord for every person that just walks into your retail store. DotNetNuke has an all-you-can-eat pricing model that enables communities to grow without worrying about how much this will cost. Finally, the DNN Social platform is extensible and this will allow other third parties to build and add features, functions and new solutions to the platform. It is this type of thinking that has enabled DotNetNuke to be the leading web content management system and application development platform for Microsoft .NET.

DNN Social will also let the System Integrators, such as Sprocket Websites, build these types of social engagement websites for their clients. Of course this is where we get excited about a product announcement like this. Here is a brief overview of some of the features in DNN Social:

Gamification: Engage with people through the use of awards and recognition. Encourage behavior and generate interest by allowing people to unlock achievements. Built in and user definable events.

Community Analytics: On the back end, find out how users are involved on your website. Not just how many likes and how many visits, but engagement, involvement and most importantly loyalty.

Ideation: Get your engaged user community to help you come up with the next big thing. Who better to help you iterate and improve your products and services, than your best customers? None of us is as smart as all of us - Crowdsourcing is a powerful engagement practice. 

Q&A: I have a question, and boy wouldn’t it be nice if I could find the answer to my question on the website? Turn your best, engaged customers into your own help desk. People want to help other people, and this is the perfect way to enable this behavior on your website.

Lastly, it was great to hear that DNN Social was built on the DotNetNuke Community Platform, as it is very important for DotNetNuke corporate to stay true to their roots. Community is the foundation and backbone of DotNetNuke and it is good to hear that corporate understands and recognizes this.

What will Sprocket be doing with this product? We will be out talking about it to clients that have a need for community interaction and engagement on their website. We will help our clients understand the value and the power that comes from deep social integration. Most importantly, we now have some of the best tools and technologies available to help them take the next steps into social engagement when they are ready.

Do you want to know more about how DNN Social can dramatically enhance your social media engagement? Contact us today and find out more.

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James Nagy

James NagyJames Nagy

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sprocket Websites, Inc.; Co-Founder Chicago Area DotNetNuke Users Group; Co-Founder and Managing Partner of J&S Tech Designs, LLC

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I am an entrepreneur - and there is nothing like being your own boss and owning your own business. I own a Consulting business, J&S Tech Designs, LLC with my wife and business partner Susan. I also own a Website Design, Development, Services & Marketing business, Sprocket Websites, Inc. with my partners Susan, Don and Kate. My passion is in helping businesses grow and prosper through use of technology and creative innovation.


3 comments on article "DNN Social - Introduction"

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Hi James,

Many thanks for the article on the DNN Social.

It sounds really what I need, since I have been battling/learning DNN for a few months now, try in figure out how to integrate things which seem quite separate and how to really enhance the profile view, to incorporate all the activities that user does in different and quite separate modules.

I've also been searching in vain to find out how to integrated badges and ideas to the site, and "my forum posts" to "my profile"

What I do not understand is how to get a hold of DNN Social ? if it's not part of the community package, where do I get it and how much it costs? even the dnn site does not answer this question, I am fearing that it must be part of the professional package.

Avatar image

James Nagy

Glad you enjoyed the article.

I don't think that the package is one the market for sale at this point, but you may want to directly inquire with DotNetNuke corporate to find out. They said that DNN Social was built on the community edition, which leads me to believe it will work on community, but who knows what type of licensing structure will be put in place.

Best of luck to you.

Avatar image

Jason Stone

James and Gregory,

DNN Social does not come with Community. It is a per-instance, annual license product that can be purchased directly through DNN or through any DNN Partner (like us at Engage). Feel free to email me at jstone(at)engagesoftware.com or call me at 314-884-2448 for more information.



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