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What are you talking about!?!
Don Gingold
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What are you talking about!?!

Our presentations at DNN Summit 2018

Don and Jim will be presenting at DNN Summit in Denver during the week of February 5th.  They've split the issue of putting good content on a website and getting people to find it into two interesting talks. Here are the synopses and the slide decks.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 10:20am Cripple Creek 1 Room

Content Marketing for Tough Industries

By Jim Nagy

Exciting! You've landed a new client and built them an awesome website using the DNN platform. You've talked about how the website is a living entity and needs to be constantly maintained with new and fresh content. That's what DNN is all about, right? You've convinced the customer and they understand the benefits, but they don't have the time, skills, desire, (insert whatever objection reason here) to do that work and they want you to continue to help them.

Ok great, now what?

Some customers are in product business that almost create content on their own. They are relevant, timely, interesting, and desirable. For example, think of an ice cream shop. You could talk about flavors, combinations of flavors, toppings, add-ons, dietary choices, events, holidays, etc. All while having gorgeous and tantalizing product photos without ever breaking a sweat as if the content almost created itself.

What about service business like, insurance, taxes, automotive, construction, etc. Those types of organizations are much harder to come up with good content ideas, let alone develop some meaningful and interesting content.

We tell these types of customers three basic things. One, you need to be top of mind when a potential customer had a need for your services.Two, you need to be perceived as the expert in your field. Three, you need to be doing something above and beyond what your competition is doing in order to stand out and be noticed. In this talk, learn the secrets of creating relevant and engaging content for business in tough industries. Find out how you can be the engine that powers your customers' online marketing strategy. Best of all, learn how this can become a new source of reoccurring revenue for your organization.




Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 1:50pm in the Silverton 3 room

How to Tell Your Client's Story using Social Media in 2018

by Don Gingold

Your beautiful DNN website is worthless if nobody sees it and worth every penny once they do. So after you have it built, you ask your web developer to increase traffic to your site, but traffic generation is a very different skill set from web development.

Social Media is the preferred medium to use to increase traffic, but only when done right. Surfers need a compelling reason to click on your post, and there better be payoff when they get to the linked content. Surprisingly, ten plus years into modern social media and companies - even web developers - are still using it ineffectively.

So as we start 2018, how can we tell our client's story properly through Social Media so we turn surfers into visitors and visitors into customers? Sprocket has been a website integrator in the DNN Community for years and its principals have been building websites since the early '90's. Five years ago we reluctantly took on social media management but now we fully embrace it and it's become over half our business.

Since the web developer may be the only interface many clients have to Internet Marketing, it's important that they learn how to leverage their web-building skills and grow past websites into telling engaging stories anywhere on the Internet. There are principles that govern Social Media engagement, and we'll be sharing them with you in this session.

If you are a web developer who hasn't increased your portfolio by providing Social Media, you can learn to get it right in the first place. If you are a business owner looking to improve your overall Internet Marketing through a combination of DNN website and Social Media, you can learn the principles yourself so you know your web developer is on the right path.


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Don Gingold

Don GingoldDon Gingold

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sprocket Websites, Inc.; Co-Founder Chicago Area DotNetNuke User Group

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