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Super Stowaway Arrives at #DNNWorld

Sprocketeer Finds Alternate Passage to Orlando

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Peering out from the inside of a suitcase that was moments ago run through an airport X-Ray machine, Sprocketeer makes an observation: "Good. I successfully passed through security. Wearing the lead-lined briefs did the trick! Only a minor tingling."

Now our Gallant Gearhead reviewed the rest of the plan. "Check in with TechMan, then hold out quietly in the bag until the unsuspecting web developer and DNN World attendee arrives in his room, and then sneak out."

Will he succeed? Read on, true believers! 

Getting Bloggy

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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This article has been updated on 1/24/2019 with the article entitled “Blogging for Business"

It seems like everyone these days has a blog. Apparently, now I am also included in the ‘everyone’.  I myself was introduced to the wonderful world of blogging about a year and a half ago.  The blog that started the obsession is a DIY home renovation/design blog that I love and my husband hates because of all the extra work (remarkable and innovative ideas) that now fill up his Sundays.  Lucky for him, once I popped into the blogging world, I discovered an internet Mecca.  You would not believe how many people there are commenting, entering prize giveaways, reading, and BUYING because of these blogs.  It is literally another civilization that you can, and I often do, get lost in for days.  Why does this matter to you?

#DNN Superheroes Improvise to Reach Orlando

While TechMan Races to save a website, Sprocketeer Finds Alternate Travel Arrangements

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TechMan signals the Gallant Gearhead via the Streaming Krimestopper Yvesdropping Protocol Engine (SKYPE) : "Sprocketeer, I've just learned Joomler is up to his old tricks with a local business owner, trying to get him to build a website with quite the come-on. He's so two-faced." 

"You're literally correct, TechMan. His front face looks harmless enough, but his rear face is twisted and evil." retorted Sprocketeer. "What's your plan?"

What IS the plan? And how will Sprocketeer reach DNNWorld. Read on, true believer!

#DNN Superheroes Tangle with Word Empress

The Blog Bombshell matches wits with Sprocketeer and TechMan

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Seated at yet another cheap website, we find a man, his head in his hand, staring at his reflection in the bottom of a beer glass.

"Why did I fall for her? It all happened so fast. It all seemed so easy. She was so, so .. attractive. She promised a good time. All I said was, 'A little to the right' and she became a monster! I guess I'll just have to ... learn to live with it!"

Our Mighty Mini Marvels of Content Management, Sprocketeer and TechMan, had heard this story all too often. "We can help. Sit tight" said the Gallant Gearhead. "First, let's go find Word Empress."

#DNN Superheroes Plan Session Strategy for #DNNWorld

Sprocketeer and TechMan split up the data acquisition work

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Safely returned from reconnaissance in Orlando, Sprocketeer converses from main headquarter with his heroic partner in website heroics, TechMan, taking Sprocket Rocket to the West Coast lair.

"I think I'll catch the talks on responsive design and mobile, TechMan. We've been watching Gravity Works for some time, since they came on the scene at Chicago Day of DotNetNuke." 

TechMan concurred. "Very well, Sprocketeer. I see the need for shifting identity, eh? After all, we shift our look from superheroes to everyday web designers, depending on the circumstances. I'll check out the cloud hosting and new version 7. And I'll go to Brinkman's talks. Those are always good."

Sprocketeer agreed. "I've always suspected Joe of having an alter ego. I look forward to seeing it revealed on Thursday night. So... we're all set for the sessions. Now it's just a matter of time."

"In the meantime, let's look at our other web crime monitors," returned TechMan, "and see if any arch nemisis...es are causing any trouble. Maybe we can squeeze in a fight with Word Empress or Joomler before we head to sunny Florida."

Tune in next time, web believers, for another exciting episode.

Sprocketeer and TechMan Report to LUG on #DNNWorld

Members of the League of User Groups Disagree

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From their Flat Panel Monitor aboard the Sprocket Rocket, as they return from a quick surveillance mission to Orlando, the dynamic website duo Sprocketeer and TechMan check in with LUG, the League of User Groups. Several of the main members were there, 

TechMan explained to the group "DNNWorld is shaping up to be a momentous occasion. We've scouted out the area and we're ready to return there next week. We'll be disguised as our alter egos of course."

As expected, MicroStar quickly agreed that he'd be there, HardSkin nodded affirmatively.And Modula wouldn't miss it, especially for the warm weather.

But of course, there was dissent. Sprocketeer turned to TechMan: "Same old Joomler and Droop-All; they typically disagree. It seems they live in a totally separate world. But no matter old chum, it looks like we have a quarum of quality consent."

Join us next time believers, when our heroes plan their strategic coverage of this week's event.

#DNN Superheroes Survey #DNNWorld Location

Where will the dynamic website duo stay?

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High above Lake Buena Vista, Florida, in the cloaked vessel Sprocket Rocket, our dynamic web content duo Sprocketeer and TechMan survey the land around Buena Vista Palace, where #DNNWorld 2012 will be commencing in less than a week.

"Plenty of rooftop, for easy access to the conference, and with it cloaked, the Sprocket Rocket won't be seen" says TechMan.

But the Gallant Gearhead had a different idea. "Don't forget that Sprocket Rocket is submersible, so an underwater lair is NOT out of the question. After all, this is LAKE Buena Vista. Our costumes drip-dry. Maybe we'll meet Aquaman!"

TechMan, always more practical, countered. "Aquaman is usually in the ocean, and certainly not licensed on Disney property. Sub-mariner, maybe. Plus," pointing to the viewfinder looking down on the hotel and the small body of water next to it, "THAT is not Lake Buena Vista. I believe it's a retention pond."

Sprocketeer agreed. "A keen eye, old chum. The rooftop it is. Besides, I don't think they charge for rooftop rocket parking. Not yet at least." 

Tune in next time when our heroes check in with LUG, the League of User Groups!

Two More Superheroes Attending #DNNWorld

Who ARE those Orange Fighters of Web Justice?

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From their secret web design lair, those Mighty Miniature Marvels of Content Management, Sprocketeer and TechMan, plan their trip to DNNWorld. 

"It's in Orlando, right next to Downtown Disney. Do you think we'll find time to go see Mickey?" posed the Sprocketeer.

TechMan replied: "You know of course that even though he's a mouse, he's not actually our size." 

"Right you are, old chum. We'll have to be careful. It'd be rather embarrassing to be stepped on ... by a mouse!" shot back Sprocketeer.

The web design crime fighters will continue their plans and preparations over the next week, and you'll be right there with them, true believers! Stay tuned!

Getting Started

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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The great beast that is the internet is a tricky business tool to maneuver, especially for those of us who aren’t as computer literate as others.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great asset to all of us; however it can be slightly daunting to sit back and look at the scope of what you’re trying to accomplish with your business.  Where to start?!  - is a common and completely reasonable question.  There are so many paths to take to make sure your business is a success, but figuring out which will have the greatest payoff can take some good old fashioned trial and error. 


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