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Digital Marketing Solutions During Tough Times

Digital Marketing Solutions

Every business across the world is feeling the effects of the COVID -19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

As the news changes - minute to minute - we're scrambling to save our companies. Now is NOT a time for “business as usual.” Now is the time for pivoting, reaching out and preparing for the future. 

For nearly 30 years, the Sprocket Websites team has helped small businesses develop effective marketing messages and strategies. We can help you reach your existing AND potential customers with the right messaging to maintain your business during this pandemic and be ready to fly when normality returns. 

The work you do now will benefit you tenfold after this is over.

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A few popular services are spelled out below, but we can do much more. Please contact us for a tailor-made approach.

Website Banner

Need to update the announcement banners on your website? Let us create a message for your business and install a banner on your website that addresses recent COVID-19 Coronavirus updates as they apply to you.

Starting at $79

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Content Creation

Will you need a one-time message or an ongoing campaign to address the rapidly changing situation? We can ensure that your business is effectively communicating to customers during this trying time.

Starting at $199

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Customer Email

Do you need to reach out to your customers? We can craft a message for your business, work with your email list, create an email marketing campaign and mass email your message and other updates to your existing clients.

$299 for up to 2000 clients

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Sprocket Websites Is Your Partner in Success!

Right now, there may be a lot of unemployed people who, in an attempt to earn some fast money, will promise to help you, your business, your marketing, and your website. This isn’t the time for amateur help. The Sprocket Websites team has been crafting quality marketing messages and helping businesses thrive for nearly 30 years. We succeed when you succeed. Contact us NOW to get started on saving your business.

This is just a small sampling of the services we offer. We are equipped to help your business at every stage of the process during these challenging days