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Co-Marketing with a Complementary Business

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Who wants to waste time and money wooing people who will never be customers because they simply don’t want or need what you’re selling? That’s why the first step of any advertising campaign is to determine your target market. If only someone had already identified that target market and primed it for your marketing message! Oh, wait – they did.

Top 5 Free Social Media Management Tools

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Businesses are continually encouraged to keep up with the beast that is social media marketing. More accounts to manage, more users to target, more followers to gain, more engagement, and more content to push. For companies with multiple social media accounts (ex: a Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) managing all those pages by single handedly logging into and updating each one is daunting. Add to the mix businesses like ours that help other companies manage their social media accounts and you’ve got one huge project (and one huge time suck) on your hands. Enter social media management tools. 

Will County Slamdunks Social Media

Sprocket Websites Credited with the Assist

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For some, March is all about basketball, but for the Will County team, March is when they expanded their social media reach. Recognizing that social media outlets can be great tools for getting information out to more citizens, Will County updated their online presence, and with the help of Sprocket Websites, linked all of their accounts back to their website.

County Clerks Fret over Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

We help by easing the license logistics

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Sprocket Websites counts several county governments and governmental departments among our clients and we help them simplify procedures by doing more of their business online. Once Attorney General Lisa Madigan gave her opinion that counties might not want to wait until June, we were asked to update their marriage license systems.

Why Content Marketing is so Hot Right Now

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Nobody wants to be pitched to, sold to, advertised at, etc. We’ve been there. We’ve seen and done that. We are in the age of fast forwarding through every commercial –to the point where watching live TV can be downright painful. We skip computer ads. We hang up on telemarketers. We don’t have time for that. We know what we want and, if we’re looking for a certain product or service, we’ll go find it for it ourselves thank you very much. Enter content marketing.

What’s the Point of Business Expos?

The Sprocket Report

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In the Spring a young entrepreneur’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of business expos – but maybe those thoughts shouldn’t be so light. Expos are a great idea for the business community but too often they turn into wasted opportunities for exhibitors, attendees and even the hosts. Why not make the most of the expo season?

5 Free Infographic Making Sites

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Infographics have been huge for awhile now. It’s not difficult to tell why –they are great visuals that usually pack a lot of easy to read statistics or facts. Infographics are a great visual cue for the content that you’re providing to your readers. Many times, the infographics themselves are substantial enough to work as relevant content of their own. 

New Website Reflects Author’s No Nonsense Approach

Moral: Give the client what he wants

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Jim Lauria is a water technology senior executive who travels extensively, networks across the globe and is used to paying big bills. But Lauria believes in getting what he’s paid for and when a company doesn’t make good on its promise, he wants his hard-earned money back

Feel Like You’re Marketing to a Wall?

The Sprocket Report

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A business acquaintance was telling us about her new website – created by a competitor – when she suddenly became uncomfortable. “I never thought to ask you. I mean, I knew you worked with computers, but I didn’t realize you did websites.” And we have the word “websites” in our company name. So it’s back to the drawing board – what is our marketing missing?

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