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Searching for the SEOly Grail

What you need to know about today's search engines

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This article has been updated on 7/24/2019 with the article entitled “What's New for Search Engine Optimization Success?"

“We’ll make you Number One on Google!” Yeah, and their Nigerian prince will give a million dollars, too.  Learn how search engines work before getting to work on your SEO, whether you’re hiring a legit professional or doing it yourself.

Mea Culpa Management

The Sprocket Report

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Some view the flippant “my bad” as irritating, but at least there’s been acknowledgement and ownership of the problem. Learning how to manage failure may be more important to your business than how to handle success.

If You’re Not Moving Forward…

The Sprocket Report

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…then you’re moving backward, they say. So The Sprocket Report is getting a new look, but not just for newness’ sake. Much thought and research went into creating a more useful, attractive product. Take a look at what we learned and use it to freshen up your own newsletter.

Going the Extra Mile in Amarillo

The Sprocket Report

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During the drive from Chicago to Los Angeles and back again, our little car needed an oil change. The shop we stopped at excelled at providing an unforgettable sales experience. If you haven’t checked the dipstick in your customer service lately, read on to hear how these boys wowed us.

More Social Media Manners

The Sprocket Report

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Because last time folks were so amused, let’s look at a few more etiquette rules Emily Post wrote in 1922 that still work with today’s social media. Her tips on how to move well in society are quite relevant for successful navigation of today’s social media marketing.

Celebrating Social Media

Merry Christmas from your friends at Sprocket Websites! Here’s a little fun for the holidays.

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Social Media exploded because people like being connected to each other. That’s all the marketing talk we plan to share today because, like you, we’re busy connecting with family and friends away from the office.

We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and all the best in the coming new year.

In fact, we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas in song! Just click on the link to see the little Sprocket elves dance around Santa’s workshop.

Enjoy your socializing!     Sprocket Elves!


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