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Celebrate Labor-Saving Day

The Sprocket Report

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Labor Day advertising always seems to feature some burly guy or gal wielding a massive wrench or mallet. Certainly physical labor is hard work, but those of us who wield keyboards and spread sheets work pretty darn hard as well. Even wrenches have been improved to make the job easier, so why not use technology to make your job easier, too?

3 Website Fashion Trends to Follow

The Sprocket Report

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Your teen daughter insists on having the latest look in back-to-school clothes so her peers can tell at a glance that she’s hip, cool or whatever the current slang for “up-to-date” is. Website designs have trends, too. Is your site embarrassingly unfashionable? Take a look at these three trends.

What Does a Website Cost?

The Sprocket Report

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The annual web hosting invoice was still unpaid after 30 days so we called the client up to see if there was a problem. He was genuinely perplexed. “But I already paid that last year! I have to pay it again?” Website marketing is still new enough that many small business owners are still deeply suspicious of the costs. Here are the answers to some common FAQs.

Knowing More Makes Your Website Less Dangerous

The Sprocket Report

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With the speed that technology changes, too often we just have to jump in and pick it up as we go along. Sometimes that means we miss a few of the details that might help us grasp the bigger picture. “I know enough to be dangerous” is no longer a joke when your website starts killing your business, so here’s the super simple CliffsNotes to help you make the right web-building decisions.

Got an Eight-Track-Equivalent Website?

The Sprocket Report

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This article has been updated on 8/21/2019 with the article entitled “4 Reasons You Need to Update Your Old Website"

So you plunked down hard-earned money to build a new website a few years ago. You figured you were making an investment in your business’s marketing strategy. Now they’re saying your site is no longer being “supported” and you need a new one. Is someone trying to pull a fast one?

3 More Marketing Tips from Game of Thrones

The Sprocket Report

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With season three due to wrap up shortly, those who follow the goings-on in Westeros will soon be going through Thrones withdrawal.  We suggest you spend this new free time on marketing strategy for your business or not-for-profit. But feel free to add some Game of Thrones flair – there’s much to learn from the competitors for the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones Marketing Tips

The Sprocket Report

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If you are one of the 15 million people enthralled by “Game of Thrones” you’ll be pleased to know that your obsession is also imparting valuable marketing tips that you can adapt for your business. Read on for counsel from the best schemers of Westeros on how to be kings and queens of Website Marketing.

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