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Decipher – And Use – Your Google Analytics

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Kate Gingold 0 2756 Article rating: 5.0
Every website should have some kind of traffic measurement, and many websites actually do! Google Analytics is a popular tool because it’s free to install and it offers incredible insight into your web traffic. But if you never look at the reports or can’t figure out what they’re telling you, Analytics can’t help you.

Social Media: Separating Hype from Reality

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The “build it and they will come” website hype has long gone. Now experts say social media “fans and follower counts are over.”  So has social media run its course or should it still be a line item in your company’s budget? Read on for the latest discussion on social media reality for the small- to medium- business owner.

Are You Stymied by Failure to Fail?

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Kate Gingold 2 3024 Article rating: No rating
”Failure to Launch” is what you call it when adult children get stuck in familiar surroundings where they feel safe but are not progressing.  Businesses stagnate the same way. Rather than risk losing everything, we’re afraid to try anything new. By our failure to fail, we may be holding ourselves back from success.

Social Media To-Dos You Aren’t Doing

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Social Media Management is a hot service these days. Some folks swear by it. Some folks think it’s a complete waste of effort. And, of course, they’re both right. So how do you take advantage of the good things social media can do for your business without squandering your time or your marketing budget?

2 Big Reasons You Should Market with Email

The Sprocket Report

Kate Gingold 0 15385 Article rating: No rating
Okay, there are maybe a dozen reasons why you should be marketing with email, but these two are so big they trump everything. And never mind all the noise about how email marketing is an old and tired format. Fresh, innovative marketing channels are introduced regularly, and have their share of success, but if you aren’t using email, you are really missing out.

What’s Your Call to Action?

The Sprocket Report

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Folks spend a huge chunk of their marketing budget on revamping their website and then eagerly await the rush of new business. Instead they get crickets. Oftentimes the lack of activity is due to a very simple and easily remedied mistake:  The website has no obvious Call-to-Action.

Is Your Social Media Working?

The Sprocket Report

Kate Gingold 0 2619 Article rating: 5.0
You have no doubt read that social media marketing is the best thing since sliced bread. So you dedicated a significant amount of time to posting content or a significant amount of money for someone else to post. Now you’re wondering:  Is any of this working?

Website Shopper's Guide

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Ever had to deal with a hospital bill? It can be a shock to see how many different charges there are for services, specialists, drugs and devices. You need a Patient Advocate to help you figure it all out. Building a website isn’t quite as complicated as surgery, but we thought “Why not a Website Advocate?”

Put Your Website to Work!

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Once summer is in full swing, there are dozens of festivals, fairs and events for folks to attend. Marketing committees work hard at promotion, but often forget that a website is much more than just a pretty brochure. Why not put your site to work and make everyone else’s job easier?

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